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Foundations by Eastman Building Limited


All preparation administrations are attempted; from exhuming of establishments, square cleared drives, porches, vehicle leaves, to arranging for new structures including waste, septic tanks and soakaways.We welcome all local and business enquiries.

The capacity to give our own plant makes it simpler for us to offer serious costs and to fulfill tight time constraints.

Foundations - Coningsby

Concrete Slabs - Market Rasen

Block Paving - Middle Rasen

Fencing - Horncastle

Foundations administrations offered by Eastman Building

Destruction, site freedom and arrangement

Exhuming and Earthworks

  1. Topsoil strip
  2. Exhuming and ruin off site
  3. Cut and Fill


  1. A wide range of timber or steel fencing
  2. Farming stock fencing


  1. Pre-thrown solid, mud, plastic
  2. Associations with existing frameworks, substitution of existing frameworks
  3. Tempest establishment, channel seepage for example ACO
  4. Bundle siphoning stations
  5. Water gathering tanks and frameworks
  6. Rainwater harvesting tanks and systems

Utility administrations

  1. Trenchwork for electric, gas, water and phone supplies
  2. Ventilation work and drawpits (block, framework, pre-thrown)
  3. Road lighting (establishments and trenchwork)

Solid works

  1. Cushion establishments, strip footings, heaping, ground bars, pontoons, ground floor chunks, sewer vents, outer streets and access courses
  2. Ground surface; pieces, shaft and square establishment, PC unit establishment

Kerbing and Paving

  1. Great stone clearing, pre-thrown, square clearing, a wide range of kerbing including standard, edging, outspread, stone and pre-thrown, design
  2. Landing area surfacing
  3. Resi-square surface sealer to square clearing and sections

Carports, Carparks and Patio's

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